Run a Statspack Snapshot every 30 minutes

SQL> DECLARE    jobno number;    instno number;BEGIN    SELECT instance_number INTO instno FROM v$instance;    DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT(jobno, ‘statspack.snap(i_snap_level => 7);’,    trunc(sysdate,’HH24′)+((floor(to_number(to_char(sysdate,’MI’))/30)+1)*30)/(24*60),    ‘trunc(sysdate,”HH24”)+((floor(to_number(to_char(sysdate,”MI”))/30)+1)*30)/(24*60)’, TRUE, instno);    COMMIT;END;/

Disable Oracle Password Expiry

Unlike older releases, Oracle 11g and later sets password expiry by default. So let’s get rid of the annoyance with: ALTER PROFILE DEFAULT LIMITFAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS UNLIMITEDPASSWORD_LIFE_TIME UNLIMITED; And, optionally, let’s turn off the default auditing: NOAUDIT ALL;DELETE FROM SYS.AUD$;